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Jota Joti Team Scouting Antiano

First of all we want to congratulate the scout of Indonesia for winning the Jota Joti logo contest for 2015.


The JJ2015 team of Scouting Antiano is working hard to give its scouts a great weekend of Jota Joti.

Our topic for this year is Fly To Planet Earth.


By 'Fly To Planet Earth' we mean learning the scouts more about our world and environment.

How everything was and what we need to do to keep our planet safe and clean.

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This picture shows the team members working on this great event of JJ2015.


Our ties are of the 85th anniversary
of Scouting Antiano. This whole year we are celebrating and will keep using these ties for every occasion.

Working together is our motto.


This website will keep you up to date with all preparation and information before, during and after the great event of Jota Joti 2015.


We went to visit our camping site 'Brakapoti', so we can get more ideas how to setup our camping area.

In the gallery section you can enjoy of all the pictures and videos we will be posting.

Please spread the word, tell other scouts of the Jota Joti website for Scouting Antiano.

You can visit the website of Scouting Antiano too: .


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